Mr. Spock MIMOBOT®

Mimoco™ Boldly Goes Where No Flash Drive Has Gone Before! Trekkies with Data Rejoice! Set Your Phasers to Stun and Take Your Digital Files to Warp Speed!

The Mr. Spock MIMOBOT® maintains the cool and logical countenance of the original actor and features the famous Vulcan hand greeting. Let your data Live Long and Prosper with your Mr. Spock MIMOBOT®!

All Star Trek MIMOBOTS® come pre-loaded with out of this world content, including digital comics, videos, the mimoByte™
sound software, and the mimoDesk™ personalization suite themed to resemble the iconic LCARS computer, which includes Star Trek themed wallpapers, icons, avatars and more!

Find out more about the new Star TrekMIMOBOT® release by reading our release post or press release!



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